Society Headlines 2017 – 2019

by | Oct 10, 2019


Historical 1
The Police Authority have publicised their intention to dispose of Cricklade Police Station.

Historical 2
A Group of Cricklade people have got together to talk about whether it could work to acquire the building.  Ideas discussed about what sort of organisation would be needed (not for profit definitely).  Explored the legal side and decided the group should be a Community Benefit Society and a Community Land Trust.  This would give the scope for community ventures and possible affordable housing for local people but focused on the High Street upper floors.

Historical 3
Support now given by Cricklade Town Council and Wiltshire Council, with grant approved to get legal work done to set up the Society with its name of CDF (Cricklade Development Foundation). So now CDF is a legal entity with a bank account.

Historical 4
CDF is trying hard to get a viewing of the Police Station to work out what can be done but can’t get permission from the Police due to sensitive items in the building, we are keeping on trying to get access.


Historical 5
Still no news on the sale date of the Police Station, but to give us time to do anything when it comes up for sale we have applied to Wiltshire Council to make the building an “Asset of Community Value”, this means we will get 6 months’ notice of the building coming up for sale.

Historical 6
Great news. Wiltshire Council have approved our request and the Police Station is an “Asset of Community Value” so we now have the six months’ notice of any future sale.

Historical 7
Facebook site now set up, working on website and publicity material – when the time is right and a project properly available, we will be ready to go and get more community involvement and support.  Without any real publicity we have 160 supporters, and now 10 fully paid up members of the Society.  Again, further funding from grant, thanks to Wiltshire Council!

Historical 8
Still no news on the Police Station, and now Lloyd’s Bank is closing, and the building will be sold.  This is another erosion of the High Street services and could end up just a big house. So, CDF again is applying for “Asset of Community Value” listing.  Again, it was approved by Wiltshire Council, but was appealed and the appeal was upheld, so we do not have 6 months’ notice on this one!  Now the building is closed and up for sale. CDF are still trying to see if there is anything that can be done to save the building for the Town, it won’t be a bank but could still stay commercial downstairs with affordable flats above!

Historical 9
Still no news on Police Station, so chasing again.  In the meantime, we, working with Cricklade Town Council, are starting a project to understand the High Street better.  Over the next few months a group will try to understand better what services we have and how long they are likely to be around and what people really want locally. This will be important background both for The Society and the Town Council.