by | Aug 17, 2021

It’s been a very hectic few weeks for the CDF team, and we’ve enjoyed an excellent response from the community.   So much so, we expect the purchase of  Cricklade Police Station to be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a timeline of our progress so far:

3 February: The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) indicated their willingness to sell the Police Station

9 March:  CDF and OPCC agree on the appointment of a professional valuer. The valuer to be jointly appointed by both parties (each paying 50% of the cost) and to provide a full report on the property and the market valuation figure.

26 March:  The valuer surveyed the property

19 April:  The valuer issued his report to both parties

21 April:  We made a formal offer, in line with the reported valuation

21 April – 26 May: Delays as we went into local elections including the election of the next Police Commissioner

26 May:  Our formal offer to buy the Police Station was accepted and solicitors were appointed

So, a thank you , because since 26 May,  just over a 11 short weeks, you’ve joined us in raising all of the money to buy the property.     But it’s not just about the purchase. We have to restore and redevelop the property and we need another £200k (stretch £250k) for this. Once again, you’ve been great, and we already have £100k towards this target.  Along with the incoming funds we’re pleased to already have over 75 new CDF members, but we’d love to get to 100+ soon.

The Police Station will become a positive addition to the High Street and we’ll be looking for further opportunities to support and improve the High Street as they arise. So come along, join us and help us make it better for all.  Please go to our website to learn all about our not-for-profit community group, and apply here for membership and have a stake in your community: Membership | Cricklade Development Foundation (




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