High Street Update – What’s Changing

by | Sep 18, 2020

With the current Covid situation still with us our High Street is as important as ever in providing services and we are grateful to our local shopkeepers and health professionals for all they do. Things change and there is a fair amount happening at the moment on the High Street.

As well as the Bakers property Numbers 88/89 High Street (Animal Fayre, Cricklade Needlecrafts and Scissors) being up for sale there are others likely to change owners soon.

Number 49 High Street (Harold James/old Barista) is two retail units with a leased flat above, up for auction with bidding opening on 23rd September. Lot 14 with brochure and all details available on 

Old Lloyds Bank 112 High Street will also be auctioned, strangely enough also Lot 14, by Strakers on 15th October. The catalogue and details are now available on Please also see the press article at…/18723963…/ 

Number 95 High Street, which was FA92 Group offices, is empty. The position on this property is not known but it is possible that FA92 may be moving out completely and may not have a future use for the building. If that is the case, we will be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure the building can be used in a way to benefit Cricklade.

Our Group (CDF) will continue to monitor any changes to the properties on the High Street and work to preserve all the valuable commercial space so we can all continue to enjoy the range of local services we have.

Your thoughts and comments always welcome.